Its been a while. I was so busy with the Baby Shower. I put my heart and soul into it. It was a great success. Such a beautiful day. Sabrina was surrounded by friends and so much family. So many cousins that I had to include the picture. This day was full of love, it was unbelievable. We had girlfriends who flew in, drove from Boston, took trains from New York City.

And my goodness, you cannot believe the love shown to me. I had so much help from my friends and family, Trina, Beverly, Margo, Robin, Lori, Karen, the list just goes on and on. My crew made decorations, food, Flamingo Cake, cookies, antipasto and more. I can’t thank all of you enough for your help, because as we all know, I do sometimes get frazzled. You guys are awesome.

And now it is Spring, time to blossom and flower. Believe it or not, today begins week 37. Oh, we are ready to blossom. It is almost not real. For those of you who don’t have a grandchild yet, think about this: Your baby is having a baby. Its crazy.

Sabrina is ready. So ready. Aniken is growing at a beautiful rate and will most likely be a nice healthy weight. She kicks a lot. As a matter of fact, I heard last night Buzz was sleeping on Sabrina and Aniken woke him up with a kick. Very funny. Buzz is in for some trouble. His head will be spinning.

Still working, Sabrina says it is common place to be body checked for a seat on the New York Subway. No one is giving up a seat, no one cares that she looks like she is ready to deliver. PLEASE, don’t let her go into labor and have some subway rider deliver the baby.

The nursery is ready, beautiful perfection. Clothes are hung in the closet and diapers are stacked and ready to be used.

And we are ready. Oh yes, so ready. The anticipation, the anxiety is killing us. We just can’t wait. As Sabrina loves to say, I just want to hold her. I can’t wait to kiss her, tell her how much I love her and her mom. I can’t wait for the first time she recognizes voices, smiles, every first there is. Aniken, you are so loved and you are not even here yet.

My heart is so full. Sabrina, Steve, you are going to be the best parents ever. And yes, I will try to be the best Noni ever.