My Baby having a Baby

Did I mention how excited I am. OMG.

I subscribe to The Bump. Are you laughing? Yes, I admit it. So when I got my daily update and it said “I” had 8 weeks to go, I nearly died. First the tears, then the sheer joy.

Let’s be fair once you stop laughing. Sabrina set it up on my phone. I didn’t just sign up and say I was pregnant. Its a great site, so informative, lets me know everything I need to know about having a baby. And then some things I never want to be reminded about. Honestly, articles that teach you what to do, when to do it and how to do it. Articles on what to expect every step of the way.

We all know about this expectation. They say you get a burst of energy before you deliver. IT HAPPENED. My excitement has created so much energy I can’t stop myself.

Right now, all efforts are going into the baby shower. I am making arts and crafts. I used a rolling pin in the kitchen this week. When was the last time I used a rolling pin? Soooo creative. I make a silk flower with rhinestone cake for a centerpiece. Of course, this little girl must have all the glamour.

Fortunately, last weekend I also got to play with one of my bestie’s granddaughter. I practiced!!!!! Yup. I took that little girl, gave her a bottle, burped her (she threw up on me), I sang to her, walked her and cooed, lots of cooing. She liked me. She smiled, tried to hold my finger and basically tolerated my singing. I was a good experience. So many songs came to mind, I was afraid I would not remember, but just like riding a bike, they came back.

Aniken, I hope you can’t recognize that I sing off key. And yes, its ok if you throw up on me, I would expect anything less. When you try to hold my finger, I will melt. I love you so much.

Did I mention how excited I am. I can’t wait!!!!!

One thought on “COUNTING DOWN

  1. 8 weeks, how exciting! Yes, it will be like riding a bicycle. . . and it will come naturally. Just remember bicycle riding sometimes meant “tipping over, picking it up and starting over”. I know you will be a great grandmother and love every moment of it!! So much fun and sooo much love!


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