What Is In A Name

So, let’s talk about this younger generation of parents. To start, everything has now become a production.

We got pregnant, we called our friends and family to share the news. 33 years ago we didn’t always know the sex of our baby, but if we did, we called our friends and family. There were no parties, no fancy announcements, no balloons that announced the babies gender. And as a sidenote, is that now taboo. What is the balloon color for raising a genderless child? That’s way too serious a topic for my blog.

What will our beautiful baby be named? “It’s a surprise, we can’t tell you.” Serious, no baby name reveal party.

While I know Sabrina and Steve won’t name their baby ‘ABCDE’, I don’t know why the name is a secret. Come on, I’m the Noni. Why can’t I know. Please. I have been asking for weeks now and they just laugh at me. They are not giving it up. Does it begin with a T? And no, not you Auntie Trina, I meant Toni.

So for now I’ve named her Aniken. Therefore Aniken is who I will be blogging about until she arrives. On some level it makes Steve happy.

Let’s talk about Sabrina and Steve for a minute. Sabrina is so accustomed to my insanity she really believes it’s the norm. Steve on the other hand looks at me with an ever so slight smile and wonders what makes my brain tick, or stop ticking occasionally.

You two must really love me. Your trusting me to watch your baby. Aren’t you a little afraid of what I might teach her. This from a mother who wanted you to change your middle name to Love. The mother who bribed you to quit cheerleading. Don’t worry, I will try hard not to bring out her inner hippy for at least the first six months.

I do hope that my love for Aniken will help me to inspire young sweet Aniken to love and respect life from day one. To love all creatures, big and small. To have great passion for nature and the world. Somehow I know she will be perfect.